Thursday, October 15, 2009

Different forms of "work"

Not many folks would consider dressing up as a bride to be "work", but as Mrs. Alaska my duties are far reaching. I participated in a bridal show put on my one of my sponsors, Arctic Rose, last week. I must admit I really enjoyed wearing a wedding gown again... without the fuss and stress of actually getting married!
I also volunteered at a charity ball hosted by Anchorage's Mayor Dan Sullivan. I helped showcase certain live auction items, like this amazing hand-made Native Alaskan fish skin basket. I did my "Bob Barker's Beauty" best!
My "real job" of course is piloting. And I couldn't resist showing you the view from my "office" window last week. Ahhh, now that's a view! Who wouldn't want to go to "work" every day in this setting?

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  1. You are as beautiful as ever!!! You are doing great, Mrs. Alaska!!! Love to you! Anj