Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Alaska Bash!

My husband and I had a really fun time attending a gala known as the "Alaska Bash" this month. It was hosted by a former employer of mine to recognize some of the "toughest people on Earth". Namely, a lot of the pioneering Native Alaskans who set the foundation for the air carriers, newspapers and politicians of Alaska today.

I was lucky to be hired by the company, they gave me my first flying job. I learned a lot about working hard in very tough conditions. I'd regularly fly in minus 40 degree weather, hauling freight out to remote villages in the winter, doing all of the loading and unloading myself. It was definitely a job that kept me in shape and taught me to dress against the elements. (I certainly never was found in an evening gown and high heels when I was working in Alaska's remote villages!)
Here's to all of the tough Alaskans out there who brave the harsh elements to get the job done!

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