Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pageant Sisters

Piloting breeds a sort of fraternity of people who speak the same language, the problem is that it's really more like a fraternity (ie. ALL GUYS) than it should be. I have female pilot friends (and I'm a member of a female flying club - the Alaska Chapter of 99s), but I don't really get together with them very often, so I wind up gathering with a bunch of guys after work or in between flights. It can get old really fast.

On the other hand, when you're part of a pageant you are definitely not going to find many guys around talking about unruly boobs or how to keep your swimsuit from riding up. One of the reasons I entered pageantry was to have a venue to meet other like-minded women and show off my elegant and glamourous side. You also have the chance to forge new friendships.

I have the greatest group of pageant sisters ever known... Mrs. Alaska - America class of 2009, 23 accomplished, beautiful and versitile Alaskan ladies who I had the honor of participating with at the state pageant. We all became fast friends and have even gotten together AFTER the pageant (see group photo) for a movie night (yup, we watched "Miss. Congeniality"). There isn't a single lady in the group who I wouldn't drop what I was doing and go to if she needed help.

I enjoy my pilot friends and "talking shop", but I truly savor the female comraderie pageants afford me.

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