Sunday, August 9, 2009

Flying and Fashion

Flying doesn't always lend itself to being fashionable. One reason is functionality (can anyone imagine high heels in a cockpit?) , the other is plain old comfort. I'm lucky to have a flying job which doesn't require a full-blown uniform commonly seen in the airline industry. I show up to work in blue jeans, a company shirt and a black vest or jacket appropriate for the weather. Sometimes it can get so cold where I work that all you can see of the pilot is the eyes behind a huge down jacket with a fur ruff. Believe me, you could wear anything under that arctic gear and no one would notice or care. No one can tell if you're male or female at forty below!

I really enjoy dressing up though, and being Mrs. Alaska-America has given me a wonderful venue to do just that while promoting causes and attending events. I feel that being an "everyday" woman -vs- a "high fashion" woman allows me a broad range of looks and makes me a better spokesperson for the married ladies of Alaska.

I recently attended the Wasilla Joint-Chamber of Commerce luncheon and met the newly sworn in Governor Sean Parnell as well as Senator Linda Menard. I felt proud to share with attendees that I have a home in the small town of Talkeetna and that I have climbed Mt. McKinley and flown the Iditarod Sled Dog Race Trail... even though I was "dressed up" I could tell that other ladies were happy to know that I'm not always in heels and makeup. I enjoy versatility and am as comfortable in an evening gown and lipstick as I am in polypropylene and hiking boots.

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