Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alaska to Africa

I think many people would be surprised at the number of pageant ladies who are active hunters. I myself try to get out with my husband as often as possible to enjoy the wilderness and try to fill the freezer too. Some hunts are more successful than others (see October 2009 posts).

I got the chance to volunteer for an organization I believe in and that supported me in my bid for Mrs. Alaska. The Safari Club International had their annual fundraiser in Anchorage, and boy it was a great one! The SCI promotes wildlife conservation, fair-chase hunting, hunter education and the "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" (BOW) program.Throughout the evening, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donated hunts were auctioned off to the crowd.
An amazing display of wildlife taxidermy was available to admire as well. Here (above) you see an African Lion in front of a Kodiak Brown Bear, a most interesting mix.
A truly mind-blowing event which happened that evening was that I was awarded a free African safari! My husband and I have been wanting to see Africa for years and now we have the opportunity to hunt out of an exclusive lodge in South Africa for 7 days, WOW. Talk about generosity, thank you Kuvhima Safaris, we will see you next spring!
This last photo is probably the ONLY time you'll ever see a Moose, Leopard and an Elan side-by-side, unless you attend next year's SCI fundraiser.

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