Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Down to the Wire

I'm in the last month of my rein as Mrs. Alaska America. I wasn't sure how I'd feel at this point about passing the title along, but I realize that my time is over and it's someone else's turn. I am having a great time meeting the participants this year, the 2010 pageant has more than 23 entrants and each one of them comes with a unique background and wonderful story.
I also was honored to help out with pageant sponsor events, especially over Mother's Day. I helped bring a smile to ladies' faces by handing them complimentary crystal ring holders at a local furniture store... That's why I'm standing next to a REALLY BIG CHAIR!
I helped choose the winner of a "Mommy and Me" essay contest for a local mall and awarded more than $250 in prizes to very deserving mother/daughter teams. The daughters had to write why they thought their mothers were the best and include a photo of them together. Reading the entries made my eyes tear up and think of my own awesome mom...
I spread a little bit of cheer in the mall as well by handing roses out to mothers as they shopped. It was fun chasing after unsuspecting ladies and telling them happy Mother's Day with a flower!
The last fashion show I participated in was, of all things, a swimwear show at the annual Alaska's Women Show. I had hoped the bathing suit stuff was done after National Pageant week was over, but at least I felt like I could participate and not embarrass myself. I was the oldest model and was a teeny bit intimidated until I met the other ladies and realized it was going to be almost as fun as prancing around with my pageant sisters back in Tucson.

I am excited for whomever wins the title of Mrs. Alaska America 2010, but more than that I am happy to meet and become friends with another great bunch of ladies.

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