Saturday, May 22, 2010

Goodbye, Farewell, See you Later!

I have really enjoyed being Mrs. Alaska-America 2009! The last few days of my rein included a heartfelt and thoughtful bouquet of "farewell" flowers from my National Pageant roommate, Anji (thanks again Lady); a limousine ride to a contestant's dinner and a fun-filled (and stress free) pageant where a truly deserving and down-to-earth lady (Congratulations Tracy!) was chosen for the 2010 year. I'm happy to pass the torch on so-to-speak and will be ready and willing to help from the sidelines if my "expertise" is ever needed. I'm thrilled to become a part of a group of "former" Mrs. Alaskas, one of which includes my very own mother.

For more information about the Mrs. Alaska-America pageant, contact

This will be my last blog, I hope you have enjoyed my journey and that I've lived up to my Bush Pilot to Beauty Queen legacy... I've had fun sharing "my crazy life" with you!

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