Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's All About The Journey

The morning was cold and crisp. The frost clung to the trees like a child on a parent's leg. My plane's engine was warmed up and ready to go. I took off into the December dawn and proceeded to dance above the Earth like Tinkerbell in a Peter Pan movie. I absolutely love to fly. I am usually less fixated on the destination than I am on the act of getting there. Flying to me is all about the journey. Yes, there is a specific process you go through to successfully complete a flight, but that comes quite naturally these days and rarely gets in the way of enjoying the act of flying.

I have enjoyed the journey that has brought me as far as Mrs. Alaska-America, and am truly looking forward to the next step... the Mrs. America Pageant on September 8th in Tucson, AZ. Not many people see pageants as a "process" or a journey, but when you look at pageants in that light it becomes quite obvious that if a contestant doesn't treat it that way then the end of the journey could be disappointing. One of my main goals has been, and will be, to have FUN. I will never get another chance to participate in the Mrs. America Pageant again, so I am going to make as much out of the opportunity as I can. Participating in a pageant may not be as instinctual as flying an airplane to me, but it certainly is as rewarding.

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  1. Good luck on the next leg of your journey. Looking forward to hearing about it.