Friday, August 21, 2009

Time To Relax

How do you force yourself to relax? I find myself doing one of two things most of the time. Either flying or hiking. Sometimes flying isn't very relaxing, so to really unwind I go on a hike. My husband and I like to take our airplanes someplace beautiful and go day hiking when we can, it really puts us in a good mood. I really enjoy hiking with my little girl when daddy is at work. I swear she knows the word "backpack" and she's only one year old! My daughter goes nutso when you tell her we're going outside or sees the backpack I carry her in.

I have a little more than a week before I pack up and head to Tuscon, AZ for the Mrs. America Pageant and I've decided that it's definitely time to relax. So I went hiking with a girlfriend and our one year old daughters. I finally was able to put aside the constant thinking about what I needed to take with me and the giddy nervousness that comes with such a once-in-a-lifetime event. I am in the "if I don't have it, I don't need it' mode now and it feels good.

Just to make sure I keep relaxing, I am going on a flight tomorrow with friends to go blueberry picking. You never can be too relaxed, right?

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  1. Today (6.30am) the sky is still darkness but we already on the way to climbing mountain. This is a dangerous road , die the most cruel death if fall down overhanging . We can't see our hand, sometime we move left hand will touch owl, move right hand will touch snake. Sometime the cool wind is come, 14th July is due (chinese ghost day), i think is "brother & sister" follow us climbing mountain.