Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finals Night

We rehearsed for finals all day. If I never hear "take it from the top" again I'll be a happy woman. I am one of the lucky few who did not have severe blisters on my feet at the end of this last week. I met Alan Thicke and Florence Henderson who were our Hosts for the evening.

I'm getting pretty good at getting into stage hair and makeup quickly, so when we broke for the afternoon to get ready I was done early and enjoyed a glass of wine to relax.

I really enjoyed dancing on stage and pretending to be a "star" for the night! When my name wasn't called for the top ten finalists I actually think I sighed in relief. Of course part of me really wanted to be up there, but the rest of me wanted out of the high heels and back into the arms of my husband and my little girl.

After I found out I wasn't in the top ten, backstage the rest of the ladies and I enjoyed pizza, brownies and icecream! To heck with diets.

The next morning one of my brothers, Eric, wished me well before he went back home.

Do I think I would have made a great Mrs. America? Yes. Do I regret not winning? Nope. Am I thrilled to go home and continue my year as Mrs. Alaska? You bet!


  1. What an experience and I am sure you made some amazing friends.

  2. You are my Mrs. America...and so is Andrea, and so are the other ladies...and so does that include me? Um...maybe...miss you so, beautiful! Kisses, Anj

  3. That pizza look soooooo GOOD! lol! I bet it tasted like heaven.