Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time To Dance

We began to rehearse our dance numbers today... after confirming my two left feet, running into a wall and accidentally whacking the girl next to me whilst trying to coordinate my hands with my feet, I realized that I am why we need 5 days of practice to look coordinated on stage.

We also had some time to ourselves, where the majority of the well connected ladies decided to text message or phone home!

In the afternoon we all volunteered at a Habitat For Humanity project. We planted trees around a playground area. Talk about fun! 50 cute shovel wielding beauties getting DIRTY! That's my kind of pageant event.


  1. Hey Erika! This is Cassandra from the pageant! I just wanted to say good luck! I am sure you will do wonderful! You are so talented and I hope to some day have as many accompishments in life as you have! Althouth that would pretty hard! :)
    I hope you have a wonderful time! Did you get my little gift from the trunk show, not much but just something to say good luck and make you smile! Cant wait to see picts and hear more! I am bummed its not on TV I already had it on my calander! Well, have FUN!!! You will do amazing! Let them see the confidence we all saw in you here in AK!!!
    Talk to you soon!

  2. Hello dear daughter...I started out in the front because I was short...wound up in the back (we called it the "clutz line") because of my three left feet...had fun anyway. If anyone had told me I would be dancing on national tv, I think I would have made a rapid escape..Mom