Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rehearsal, Pageant President's Dinner, BATHINGSUIT!!!

Rehearsal pose...

President's formal dinner... Mrs. Ohio & Alaska were the purple pageant people...


I am feeling a lot better about rehearsing these days... I have come to an agreement with my limbs and they are staying coordinated for the rest of the week (I hope).

After our golfing excursion, we danced until we needed to prepare for a formal dinner with the president of the pageant, David Marmel and the general manager of the hotel, Brian Johnson. Each lady presented Mr. Johnson with a token gift from their respective state.

This morning (Saturday the 5th) I got up way too early for a bathing suit photo shoot... the wasps were attacking the big hair of some of the ladies, but other than that everything turned out fine.

Another day of dancing our off and we get to have a mild freak
out about preparing for our judges interviews tomorrow.

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  1. You're looking fantastic...BEAUTIFUL! Love your updates!