Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alaska Showcase of Talent

On Valentine's Day evening I was asked to be a part of a panel of judges for a new program called "Alaska Showcase of Talent". Apparently my background in film and television production qualified me for this position. Being a (very) minor celebrity may have as well.
I wasn't sure at all what to expect, let alone to say to the young up-and-coming artists performing before me, but I was truly encouraged by the tenacity it took many of the participants to get up there and "bare it all", so-to-speak. Heaven forbid I ever forget what it was like to participate in a beauty pageant!

I found that taking the "Paula Abdul"(ie. American Idol) approach to giving out constructive criticism was a pretty safe direction to take. Who knows, maybe I witnessed the next generation of artists to wow America that night? You never can tell.

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  1. That's my beauty queen! A true beauty! So proud of you!