Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dare to Care, A Night in Hollywood

Whenever Hollywood gets behind a cause, there is usually going to be a good turnout and a great party. The "Dare to Care" after school lunch program had just such a gala event, with the venue being Anchorage, Alaska instead of California.

Dare to Care is a "fill the gap" program that feeds children in schools who either don't qualify for the federal meal program or who are possibly neglected and don't get adequate nutrition during the school day. It helps those kids focus on their school work instead of their stomachs.
To raise funds a brand-new BMW was raffled off, there were live and silent auctions as well as charity gambling tables.

I truly enjoy helping organizations like 'Dare to Care' fill their coffers with donations. It is always a good feeling being privy to the generosity that is evident at these functions and I'm proud of the Alaskans who helped make sure "No Child Goes Hungry".

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